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Law offices

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non-disclosure agreement.

The law offices of Rech Kerschbaumer are located in Palais Königswarter on Kärntner Ring 4. The Palais was constructed in 1862 in the classic Viennese ring-road style, serving as the main domicile of actress Katharina Schratt from 1890 to 1940. There is also reason to believe that her long-time confidante Emperor Franz Joseph spent the occasional hour or two sequestered in one of our rooms. But just like yesteryear, discretion here has the highest priority.

Modern thinking, classical design. At Rech Kerschbaumer, our areas of expertise are augmented by years of extensive experience at the very apex of law.

  • Criminal law and compliance
  • Professional regulations and professional responsibility
  • Family law
  • Litigation and conflict management
  • Real estate law
  • Tort and warranty law
  • Turnaround and restructuring
  • IT, Internet and media regulation


We’re not just any team.
We’re yours.

Dr. Elisabeth Rech and Dr. Dietmar Kerschbaumer, MBL, founded the Law Offices of Rech Kerschbaumer in 2014. We strive to work together as a team to provide every client with the best possible legal representation. In addition to our legal expertise, we are sympathetic to the personal needs of our clients. Our aim is to better understand our clients on a personal level, so that we can better comprehend the challenges they face. This approach allows us to practice law passionately, while representing clients compassionately.

To ensure that our clients receive comprehensive legal representation in a wide range of areas, far beyond the areas of specialization of both our partners, we have a standing partnership with the law offices of Graff Nestl & Partner.

Dr. Dietmar Kerschbaumer, MBL
Attorney at Law

Dr. Christoph Völk, MJur

Sara Jetzinger

Dr. Franz Markus Nestl

Mag Alexander Stimmler

Martina Kerschbaumer-Höritzauer


The best cases never go to trial.

But if yours does, it’s comforting to know you’ll have an experienced team of litigators in your corner. To gain your trust today and retain it in the future, we engage in additional training courses regularly and encourage our attorneys to become specialists in relevant fields. By doing so, we are able to solve complicated issues quickly, efficiently and, above all, resolve and litigate them successfully.


Criminal law and compliance

Our decades of experience in dealing with investigating authorities and criminal courts, both domestically and internationally, ensures that we provide our clients with the best-possible defense. Confidentiality is our utmost priority.

  • Compliance advice (prevention)
  • General criminal law
  • Commercial and corporate criminal law
  • Financial criminal law


Professional regulations and professional responsibility

Should a conflict occur, dealing with your own professional responsibility board can be very difficult. Concerns about your livelihood and the headache of direct confrontation with colleagues or competitors make the situation very trying. Our years of experience in professional regulation and responsibility matters, enable us to provide you with expert representation throughout your case.

  • Representation in liberal profession associations (Kammern der Freien Berufe)
  • Representation in front of disciplinary boards
  • Representation in front of arbitration boards
  • Representation in courts of arbitration


    Family law

    Divorce, separation or death: life entails many crises that take an emotional toll. In such difficult times, it is essential to retain an attorney, who not only has years of experience, legal acumen and a sound approach to finances, but also genuine empathy to understand your situation. Place your trust in us. We’ll keep a clear head, so you don’t have to.

    • Comprehensive prevention consulting in all areas of family law
    • Representation in contested or uncontested divorce
    • Representation in (asset) allocation proceedings
    • Representation for alimony
    • Representation for child custody or visitation rights
    • Marriage and partnership agreements
    • Advance healthcare directive and health care proxies


    Litigation and conflict management

    Wherever human interaction takes place, conflict can occur. The same goes for corporations and businesses. We manage your conflict strategically and effectively, while also optimizing costs—be it for extrajudicial resolutions or in the event your case goes to court.

    • Debt / cash collections
    • Extrajudicial conflict resolution (mediation) for private, professional and corporate matters
    • Court litigation
    • Collection procedures


    Real estate law

    We provide private and institutional clients professional advice in all matters pertaining to real estate—beginning with an analysis of opportunities and risks of a given real estate transaction and up to the drafting of contracts and support with the negotiations for sales agreements.

    • Design and negotiation of sales agreements
    • Design and negotiation of rental and lease agreements
    • Advice and contract design for establishing property ownership
    • Advice on development of real estate projects
    • In-court representation for all real estate and rental matters


    Tort and warranty law

    Even prudent planning and responsible actions cannot completely prevent unsavory incidents. Defective performance or breaches of contract can be just as damaging as an accident or criminal act. We represent you in all tort and warranty law matters, negotiate for extrajudicial resolutions, analyze the probability of litigation and provide representation in front of arbitrary boards or courts of arbitration.

    • Assert or defend warranty claims
    • Assess the effectiveness of warranty and liability disclaimers
    • Enforcement or defense of damage claims
    • Litigation in construction matters
    • Liability for doctors and architects


    Turnaround and restructuring

    In the event of financial difficulties and questions of personal liability it is essential that cooler heads prevail. We accompany our clients through such difficult phases and assist companies in developing viable strategies for the future, in company restructuring and in the restructuring of debt.

    • Corporate restructuring
    • Advice and implementation of debt restructuring
    • Enforcement of claims and guarantees before and during bankruptcy
    • Representation in avoidance proceedings
    • Representation in bankruptcy proceedings


    IT, Internet and media regulation

    We provide consultation in all legal matters for the interdisciplinary sector of IT, Internet and media regulation. We support you in the lawful design of your web presence, online shop or app. Furthermore, we analyze your digital products, services and promotional activities for their legal admissibility and can also draft general terms and conditions, terms of use and data protection statements.

    • Legal inspection of digital products and services
    • Creation and optimization of general terms and conditions, terms of use and data protection statements
    • Enforcement and defense of claims from data, personal or consumer protection
    • Creation of use and licensing agreements


    Intellectual property law

    Securing, enforcing and exploiting intellectual property is of extreme importance in the digital age. We provide you with expertise on how to efficiently protect your intellectual property rights (especially for brands, designs, patents, industrial designs, etc.) and how to successfully exploit them. Furthermore, we can provide you with legal advice on advertising and market presence, as well as liability online.

    • Design of licensing and software contracts
    • Analysis of copyright issues
    • Advice and representation on competitive issues
    • Advice on liability matters online
    • Advertising rights


    It's a matter of having
    the right contacts

    Rech Kerschbaumer
    Rechtsanwälte OG

    Kärntner Ring 4, 1010 Vienna
    HG Wien, FN 501409t
    T +43 1 3619946
    F +43 1 3619946 10

    Office Lower Austria:
    Unterzeller Straße 30, 
    3340 Waidhofen a/d Ybbs

    Bank information:
    Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien
    IBAN: AT30 3200 0000 1195 9061

    VAT No: ATU68768728
    ADVM-Code: P112046

    All attorneys are subject to the relevant professional regulations (RAO, RL-BA; available at www.rakwien.at) and the supervision of the Vienna Bar Association.

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    Portrait image Dr. Dietmar Kerschbaumer, MBL

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    Contract Conditions

    For you, we’ve made
    the small print
    a little bigger.

    1. Scope of Application

    • 1.1 The Terms and Conditions for Contracts shall apply to all activities and acts of representation in court and out of court, as well as before authorities, which are undertaken in the course of a contractual relationship (hereinafter also referred to as "mandate") between a lawyer/a law firm (hereinafter simply referred to as "lawyer") and a client.
    • 1.2 The Terms and Conditions for Contracts shall also apply to new mandates, unless agreed otherwise in writing.

    2. Mandate and Power of Attorney

    • 2.1 The lawyer shall have the right and obligation to represent the client to the extent that is necessary and expedient in order to comply with the mandate. In the event that the legal situation changes after the mandate has ended, the lawyer shall not be obliged to draw the client's attention to these changes or the consequences resulting therefrom.
    • 2.2 When so requested, the client shall sign a written power of attorney for the lawyer. The power of attorney may relate to the performance of individual, precisely defined or all possible legal services or acts.

    3. Principles of Representation

    • 3.1 The lawyer shall perform the representation entrusted to him/her in conformity with statutory provisions and represent the rights and interests of the client vis-à-vis all persons, applying diligence, loyalty and conscientiousness.
    • 3.2 As a matter of principle, the lawyer shall have the right to provide the performance at his/her own discretion and to take all steps, especially to use all means of prosecuting and defending a case, as long as they do not conflict with the mandate with the client, the lawyer’s conscience or the law.
    • 3.3 If the client issues an instruction to his/her lawyer, compliance of which is incompatible with the principles for the proper exercise of the profession of the lawyer, based on statutory provisions or other statutory regulations regarding codes of conduct (e.g. the "Richtlinien für die Berufsausübung der Rechtsanwälte", i.e. the "Guidelines for the Exercise of the Profession of Lawyers", or the common practice regarding awards of the Supreme Commission for Appeals and Disciplinary Measures for Lawyers or Trainee Lawyers), the lawyer shall reject the instruction. In the event that the lawyer considers instructions to be inappropriate for, or even to the detriment of the client, the lawyer shall inform the client of the possibly negative consequences before carrying out the client's instructions.
    • 3.4 In the event of imminent danger, the lawyer shall have the right to take or to refrain from an act, although this may not expressly be covered by the mandate, if this appears to be urgently required in the interest of the client.

    4. Client's Obligations to provide Information and to Cooperate

    • 4.1 After the client has entered into a mandate, the client shall be obliged to provide the lawyer with all information and facts, without delay, which may be of significance for complying with the mandate, as well as to make accessible all required documents and means of evidence. The lawyer shall have the right to assume that the information, facts, documents, papers and means of evidence are correct, unless their incorrectness is obvious. The lawyer shall work towards obtaining all facts by means of asking the client target-oriented questions and/or resorting to other appropriate means. The second sentence of Section 4.1 shall apply to the correctness of supplementary information.
    • 4.2 During the term of the mandate, the client shall be obliged to communicate to the lawyer all changed or newly arising circumstances that might be of significance in connection with the performance of the mandate, immediately after they have come to the client's attention.
    • 4.3 If the lawyer is mandated to draw up a contract, the Client shall inform the lawyer about all information which may be relevant for the calculation of the land transfer tax, registration fee and real estate income tax by the lawyer. If the lawyer carries out the calculation on the basis of the information given by the Client, the lawyer is discharged from all liability towards the Client. On the contrary, the Client shall be liable for any loss or damage the lawyer might suffer due to wrong information given for the calculation by the Client.

    5. Obligation of Confidentiality, Conflict of Interests

    • 5.1 The lawyer is bound by professional secrecy in all matters which have been confided to him and all facts which have otherwise become known to him in his capacity as a lawyer, whose confidentiality is in the interest of his client.
    • 5.2 Within the terms of applicable laws and guidelines, the lawyer shall have the right to assign to all staff members the processing of matters, to the extent that there is proof that these staff members have been instructed of the obligation to maintain confidentiality.
    • 5.3 The lawyer shall be released from the obligation of confidentiality only to the extent that is necessary in order to prosecute the lawyer’s claims (especially claims for the lawyer’s fee) or to defend claims against the lawyer (especially claims for damages by the client or third parties against the lawyer).
    • 5.4 The client may release the lawyer from the obligation of confidentiality at any time. This release from the obligation of confidentiality by the client does not release the lawyer from the obligation of verifying whether the lawyer’s statement is in the best interest of the lawyer’s client.
    • 5.5 The lawyer shall examine whether performance of the mandate creates the risk of conflict of interests under the terms of the Regulations Regarding Lawyer’s Practices ("Rechtsanwaltsordnung").

    6. The Lawyer’s Obligation to Inform the Client

    • The lawyer shall bring all actions taken in connection with the mandate to the attention of the client, in oral or written form, as well as in sufficient detail.

    7. Sub-Authorization and Substitution

    • The lawyer may ask a trainee lawyer in lawyer’s services or another lawyer, or that lawyer’s authorized trainee lawyer, to represent the lawyer (sub-authorization). In case of being prevented, the lawyer may pass on the mandate or individual subactivities to another lawyer (substitution).

    8. Fees

    • 8.1 In the absence of other agreements, the lawyer shall be entitled to receive an adequate fee.
    • 8.2 Also when agreeing on a lump-sum or time-based fee, the lawyer - in addition to the lawyer’s fee - shall at least be entitled to the cost refund recovered from the opposing party, to the extent that this amount can be collected; otherwise, the lawyer shall receive the agreed lump-sum or time-based fee.
    • 8.3 The value-added tax at the statutory rate shall be added to the fee due to/agreed with the lawyer, as well as all required and appropriate expenses (e.g. for traveling/commuting, telephone, telefax, copying), and the cash expenses incurred on behalf of the client (e.g. court fees).
    • 8.4 The client takes note of the fact that estimates, made by the lawyer and not expressly referred to as binding, regarding the anticipated amount of the fee are without engagement and cannot be regarded as a binding cost estimate (as defined by § 5 (2) of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act), since it is in the nature of the lawyer’s performance that its scope cannot be reliably assessed in advance.
    • 8.5 The effort required for calculating the fee and preparing the invoice shall not be debited to the client. However, this shall not apply to the effort required for translating, upon client's request, into another language than German the list of services provided. Unless there are other agreements, the invoiced amount shall include the service of drawing up letters upon the client's request to the client's chartered accountant which relate, for example, to the status of pending cases, or give an assessment of the risks for the purpose of setting aside provisions and/or reporting on the state of outstanding fees at a certain reporting date.
    • 8.6 The lawyer shall have the right to send invoices at any random point in time, in any event, however, every quarter, as well as to ask for advances on the fee.
    • 8.7 In the event that the client is an entrepreneur, an invoice forwarded to client and properly broken down into its various items shall be deemed to have been approved, if and to the extent that the client does not expressly oppose it in writing within one month of its receipt (receipt by the lawyer shall be the decisive date).
    • 8.8 In the event that the client is delayed in paying all or a part of the fee, the client shall pay interest on arrears to the lawyer in the statutory amount, as a minimum, however, 4% above the respectively applicable basic interest rate. The foregoing shall not affect any further statutory claims (e.g. pursuant to § 1333 of the Austrian General Civil Law Code).
    • 8.9 All expenses paid to courts or authorities (cash expenses) and costs (e.g. for sub-contracted performances by third parties) may be forwarded to the client – in the discretion of the lawyer – for direct payment by the client.
    • 8.10 In the event that several clients enter into a mandate with the lawyer regarding a legal matter, all clients are collectively liable for any claims arising to the lawyer in this connection.
    • 8.11 Claims for cost refunds by the client against the opposite party are herewith assigned to the lawyer in the amount of the lawyer’s fee claim, as soon as they arise. The lawyer shall have the right to inform the opposing party of this assignment at any time.

    9. The Lawyer’s Liability

    • 9.1 The lawyer’s liability for faulty advice or representation is limited to the insured sum available in every specific case, but amounts at least to the insured sum indicated in § 21 a of the Regulations Regarding Lawyer’s Practices ("Rechtsanwaltsordnung") in its respectively valid version. At present, the amount is EUR 400,000.00 (in words: four-hundred thousand euros) and EUR 2,400,000.00 (in words: two million four-hundred thousand euros) for law firms with the legal structure of a limited-liability company under Austrian law. In the event that the client is a consumer, this restriction of liability shall only apply to events in which the damage is due to minor negligence.
    • 9.2 The maximum amount applicable pursuant to Section 9.1 comprises all claims existing against the lawyer for faulty advice and/or representation, such as, in particular, claims for damages and price reduction. This maximum amount does not comprise the client's claims to receive back the fee paid to the lawyer. Possible deductibles do not reduce the liability. The maximum amount applicable pursuant to Section 9.1 relates to a single insured incident. In the presence of two or several competing damaged parties (clients), the maximum amount of each damaged party shall be reduced in proportion to the amounts claimed.
    • 9.3 When mandating a law firm, the restrictions on liability pursuant to Sections 9.1 and 9.2 also apply to the benefit of all lawyers acting on behalf of the law firm (in their capacity as partners, managing directors, employed lawyers or in another function).
    • 9.4 The lawyer shall be liable for individual sub-contracted services, provided by third parties with the consent of the client in the framework of the lawyer’s performance (especially external experts), who are neither staff members nor partners, only in case of fault in selecting the third party.
    • 9.5 The lawyer shall only be liable to the client but not to third parties. The client shall be obliged to expressly bring this circumstance to the attention of third parties who come into contact with the lawyer’s performance on account of the client’s efforts.
    • 9.6 The lawyer shall not be liable for any tax advice. The lawyer shall be liable for any knowledge of foreign law only in the event of a written agreement, or if the lawyer offers to examine foreign law. EU law shall never be deemed to be foreign law, whereas this applies to the law of Member States.

    10. Lapse / Preclusive Period

    • Unless the law stipulates a shorter term of lapse or preclusion, all claims (excluding, however, warranty claims, in the event that the client is not an entrepreneur as defined in the Austrian Consumer Protection Act) against the lawyer shall lapse, unless the client has claimed them in court within six months (in the event that the client is an entrepreneur) or within one year (in the event that that the client is not an entrepreneur) as of the date at which the client becomes aware of the damage and the damaging party, or of the incident that otherwise gives rise to a claim, but at the latest after the expiry of five years as of the conduct (infringement) causing the damage (giving rise to a claim).

    11. Client's Legal Expenses Insurance

    • 11.1 In the event that the client has taken out legal expenses insurance, he/she shall inform the lawyer thereof without delay and present the required papers (if available). However, independent of the foregoing, the lawyer shall also be obliged to obtain information as to whether and to what extent there is insurance of legal expenses and apply for coverage under the legal expenses insurance.
    • 11.2 The disclosure of legal expenses insurance by the client and obtaining coverage under the legal expenses insurance by the lawyer shall not affect the fee claim of the lawyer against the client. Nor shall it be deemed as consent on the part of the lawyer, i.e. to accept as the lawyer’s fee the payment made pursuant to the legal expenses insurance. The lawyer shall draw the client’s attention to this fact.
    • 11.3 The lawyer shall not be obliged to claim his/her fee directly from the legal expenses insurance, but may request payment of the full remuneration from the client.

    12. Termination of the Mandate

    • 12.1 The lawyer or the client may end the mandate at any time without observing a deadline and without giving any reasons. The lawyer’s fee claim shall remain unaffected by the foregoing.
    • 12.2 In the event of a termination by the client or by the lawyer, the lawyer shall continue to represent the client for another 14 days, inasmuch as this is necessary in order to protect the client against any legal detriment. This obligation does not apply in the event that the client revokes the mandate and states that he/she does not wish to obtain any further service by the lawyer.

    13. Obligation to Surrender

    • 13.1 The lawyer shall return the originals of documents after the mandate relationship has ended upon the client's request. The lawyer shall have the right to keep copies of these documents.
    • 13.2 Whenever the client asks for further documents (copies of documents) after the end of the mandate, which the client already received during the term of the mandate, the client shall bear the costs incurred in this connection.
    • 13.3 The lawyer shall be obliged to keep the files for a period of five years as of the end of the mandate and to provide the client with copies, if so needed, during that time. Section 13.2 shall apply in analogy to such costs. Whenever there are longer statutory periods pertaining to the obligation to keep documents, these shall be observed. The client shall agree to the destruction of the files (also of original documents) after the expiry of the storage period.

    14. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

    • 14.1 The present Terms and Conditions for Contracts and the client/lawyer relationship governed by them shall be subject to Austrian substantive law.
    • 14.2 Unless there are peremptory statutory provisions to the contrary, the parties shall agree on the sole competency of the court with jurisdiction over the subject matter at the seat of the lawyer for any and all legal disputes arising from, or in connection with the contractual relationship, governed by the present Terms and Conditions for Contracts, which shall also include disputes regarding its validity. However, the lawyer shall also have the right to file claims against the client at any other court in Austria or abroad, which has competency over the place at which the client has his/her seat, domicile, place of business, or property. The provisions on the legal venue as defined in § 14 of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act shall apply with regard to clients who are consumers as defined in the Austrian Consumer Protection Act.

    15. Final Provisions

    • 15.1 Changes or amendments of the present Terms and Conditions for Contracts shall be made in writing in order to be valid, whenever the client is not a consumer as defined by the Austrian Consumer Protection Act.
    • 15.2 Communications by the lawyer to the client shall, in any event, be deemed to have been received if they are sent to the address communicated by the client when retaining the lawyer, or to another address communicated subsequently in writing. However, the lawyer may correspond with the client in any other form that is deemed to be appropriate, unless provided otherwise. Any communication that needs to be in written form pursuant to the present Terms and Conditions for Contracts may also be forwarded by means of telefax or e-mail, unless provided otherwise. Unless the client issues another written instruction, the lawyer shall have the right to engage in e-mail communication with the client in unencoded form. The client shall state that he/she is aware of the attaching risks (especially access, confidentiality, alterations in communications in the course of forwarding) and accepts – in full awareness of these risks – that e-mail communication is conducted in unencoded form.
    • 15.3 The client shall expressly agree that the lawyer processes, provides or communicates person-related data regarding the client and/or client's enterprise (as defined in the Austrian Data Protection Act) to such an extent as this appears to be necessary and expedient or results from statutory obligations or duties under the provisions on the exercise of the profession of legal counseling (e.g. to take part in the electronic legal data exchange, etc.), in order to comply with the tasks for which the client has retained the lawyer.
    • 15.4 Whenever one or several conditions of the present Terms and Conditions for Contracts or of the contractual relationship governed by the present Terms and Conditions for Contracts becomes invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The contracting parties agree to replace the ineffective provision(s) by another provision that comes closest to the intended economic result.

    Privacy Policy

    Je sensibler man ist,
    desto mehr Schutz braucht man.
    Das gilt auch für Daten.

    Wir nehmen Datenschutz sehr ernst. Im Folgenden informieren wir Sie wie, warum und welche personenbezogenen Daten wir von Ihnen verarbeiten sowie über Ihre Rechte dahingehend.

    1. Personenbezogene Daten

    Wir erheben, verarbeiten und nutzen Ihre personenbezogenen Daten nur mit Ihrer Einwilligung bzw. Mandatierung oder Bestellung zu den mit Ihnen vereinbarten Zwecken oder wenn eine sonstige rechtliche Grundlage im Einklang mit der DSGVO vorliegt; dies unter Einhaltung der datenschutz- und zivilrechtlichen Bestimmungen.

    Es werden nur solche personenbezogenen Daten erhoben, die für die Durchführung und Abwicklung unserer rechtsanwaltlichen Leistungen erforderlich sind oder die Sie uns freiwillig zur Verfügung gestellt haben.

    Personenbezogene Daten sind alle Daten, die Einzelangaben über persönliche oder sachliche Verhältnisse enthalten, beispielsweise Name, Anschrift, Emailadresse, Telefonnummer, Geburtsdatum, Alter, Geschlecht, Sozialversicherungsnummer, Videoaufzeichnungen, Fotos, Stimmaufnahmen von Personen sowie biometrische Daten wie etwa Fingerabdrücke. Auch sensible Daten, wie Gesundheitsdaten oder Daten im Zusammenhang mit einem Strafverfahren können mitumfasst sein.

    2. Auskunft und Löschung

    Als Mandantin oder Mandant bzw generell als Betroffener haben Sie – unter Wahrung der rechtsanwaltlichen Verschwiegenheitspflicht – jederzeit das Recht auf Auskunft über Ihre gespeicherten personenbezogenen Daten, deren Herkunft und Empfänger und den Zweck der Datenverarbeitung sowie ein Recht auf Berichtigung, Datenübertragung, Widerspruch, Einschränkung der Bearbeitung sowie Sperrung oder Löschung unrichtiger bzw. unzulässig verarbeiteter Daten.

    Insoweit sich Änderungen Ihrer persönlichen Daten ergeben, ersuchen wir um entsprechende Mitteilung.

    Sie haben jederzeit das Recht, eine erteilte Einwilligung zur Nutzung Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten zu widerrufen. Ihre Eingabe auf Auskunft, Löschung, Berichtigung, Widerspruch und/oder Datenübertragung, im letztgenannten Fall, sofern damit nicht ein unverhältnismäßiger Aufwand verursacht wird, kann an die in Punkt 10. dieser Erklärung angeführte Anschrift der Rechtsanwaltskanzlei gerichtet werden.

    Wenn Sie der Auffassung sind, dass die Verarbeitung Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten durch uns gegen das geltende Datenschutzrecht verstößt oder Ihre datenschutzrechtlichen Ansprüche in einer anderen Weise verletzt worden sind, besteht die Möglichkeit, sich bei der zuständigen Aufsichtsbehörde zu beschweren. In Österreich zuständig ist hierfür die Datenschutzbehörde.

    3. Datensicherheit

    Der Schutz Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten erfolgt durch entsprechende organisatorische und technische Vorkehrungen. Diese Vorkehrungen betreffen insbesondere den Schutz vor unerlaubtem, rechtswidrigem oder auch zufälligem Zugriff, Verarbeitung, Verlust, Verwendung und Manipulation.

    Ungeachtet der Bemühungen der Einhaltung eines stets angemessen hohen Standes der Sorgfaltsanforderungen kann nicht ausgeschlossen werden, dass Informationen, die Sie uns über das Internet bekannt geben, von anderen Personen eingesehen und genutzt werden.

    Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir daher keine wie immer geartete Haftung für die Offenlegung von Informationen aufgrund nicht von uns verursachter Fehler bei der Datenübertragung und/oder unautorisiertem Zugriff durch Dritte übernehmen (zB Hackangriff auf Email-Account bzw. Telefon, Abfangen von Faxen).

    4. Verwendung der Daten

    Wir werden die uns zur Verfügung gestellten Daten nicht für andere Zwecke als die durch den Mandatsvertrag oder durch Ihre Einwilligung oder sonst durch eine Bestimmung im Einklang mit der DSGVO gedeckten Zwecken verarbeiten. Ausgenommen hiervon ist die Nutzung für statistische Zwecke, sofern die zur Verfügung gestellten Daten anonymisiert wurden.

    5. Übermittlung von Daten an Dritte

    Zur Erfüllung Ihres Auftrages ist es möglicherweise auch erforderlich, Ihre Daten an Dritte (zB Gegenseite, Substitute, Versicherungen, Dienstleister, derer wir uns bedienen und denen wir Daten zur Verfügung stellen, etc.) Gerichte oder Behörden, weiterzuleiten. Eine Weiterleitung Ihrer Daten erfolgt ausschließlich auf Grundlage der DSGVO, insb zur Erfüllung Ihres Auftrags oder aufgrund Ihrer vorherigen Einwilligung.

    Weiters informieren wir Sie darüber, dass im Rahmen unserer rechtsanwaltlichen Vertretung und Betreuung regelmäßig auch sachverhalts- und fallbezogene Informationen von Ihnen von dritten Stellen bezogen werden.

    Manche der oben genannten Empfänger Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten befinden sich außerhalb Ihres Landes oder verarbeiten dort Ihre personenbezogenen Daten. Das Datenschutzniveau in anderen Ländern entspricht unter Umständen nicht dem Österreichs. Wir übermitteln Ihre personenbezogenen Daten jedoch nur in Länder, für welche die EU-Kommission entschieden hat, dass sie über ein angemessenes Datenschutzniveau verfügen oder wir setzen Maßnahmen, um zu gewährleisten, dass alle Empfänger ein angemessenes Datenschutzniveau haben wozu wir Standardvertragsklauseln (2010/87/EC und/oder 2004/915/EC) abschließen.

    6. Bekanntgabe von Datenpannen

    Wir sind bemüht sicherzustellen, dass Datenpannen frühzeitig erkannt und gegebenenfalls unverzüglich Ihnen bzw der zuständigen Aufsichtsbehörde unter Einbezug der jeweiligen Datenkategorien, die betroffen sind, gemeldet werden.

    7. Aufbewahrung der Daten

    Wir werden Daten nicht länger aufbewahren als dies zur Erfüllung unserer vertraglichen bzw gesetzlichen Verpflichtungen und zur Abwehr allfälliger Haftungsansprüche erforderlich ist.

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    Kerschbaumer Rechtsanwalts KG
    Kärntner Ring 4, 1010 Wien
    HG Wien, FN 501409t

    T +43 1 3619946
    F +43 1 3619946 10


    Dr. Dietmar Kerschbaumer, MBL
    Attorney at Law

    • General civil law
    • Commercial law
    • Property and construction law
    • Tort law and warranty law

    Position: attorney at law, founding partner, lecture and seminar activities
    Languages: German, English
    T +43 1 3619946

    Mag. iur.
    Master of
    Business Law
    Bar exam
    Dr. iur.
    Registered attorney at law


    Dr. Elisabeth Rech
    Attorney at Law

    • Criminal law and criminal procedure law
    • Economic criminal law
    • Financial criminal law
    • Marriage and family law
    • Professional responsibility and disciplinary law

    Position: attorney at law, founding partner, guest author for legal matters in the German-language daily Die Presse.
    Languages: German, English
    T +43 1 3619946

    Bar exam
    Attorney at law
    Vice president of
    Vienna bar association


    Martina Kerschbaumer-Höritzauer

    Languages: German, English
    T +43 1 3619946

    Matura HBLA Weyer
    Masterclass in
    1st phase law studies
    Assistant Rech Kerschbaumer Attorneys at law

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